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Van Ruysdael Mastic Installation

Guidelines for installation

To make the glass and existing windows last even longer and look even better, we have developed the Van Ruysdael mastic. A glazing material that makes glass, windows and paintwork last longer and gives a much longer life with less maintenance.

Do not use sharp or hard materials that are harder than glass, such as sharp knives, sandpaper or sand. Should the rebate be damaged during removal, repair these damages before fitting the glass. When cleaning within 48 hours after installation: never add more than 3% PH neutral soap to the water. This is because more soap dissolves the sealant. This may spread on the glass and then be difficult or impossible to remove. When using spacers: use wooden or plastic (definitely not neoprene) spacers.


There are two mastic components:

1. Van Ruysdael Performance is a glass bonding and sealing mastic. 

2. Van Ruysdael Detail is a finishing mastic. Van Ruysdael Detail could be substituted for glass battens.

3. Van Ruysdael Assist is a liquid used in combination with spatulas to smooth the mastic.

The mastic strengthens the frame structure, it remains elastic and the mastic can be finished with almost all paints. 


Van Ruysdael glass fitted with Van Ruysdael mastic (a combination of our Performance, Detail and Assist) is the strongest and most durable way of installing glass in valuable and classically detailed window frames. The image below shows how the mastic is applied in 3 steps.

Finishing with mastic

Installation with glazing beads

Points of attention

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