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Wooden frame detail with Van Ruysdael Glass and Mastic

Guidelines for installation

Glass installation is a craft. Van Ruysdael advises on, develops and supplies glass. As glass installation is a specialist craft, we have decided to leave this work to the specialists, allowing us to concentrate on our core tasks.

At Van Ruysdael, we see glaziers as specialist craftsmen (and craftswomen). If you are looking for a specialist craftsman to install Van Ruysdael glass, we know several specialists who would be happy to visit you to make measurements, deliver and install the Van Ruysdael glass. Please contact us for a professional glazier close to you. Van Ruysdael sets high quality standards for the glass installation, with Van Ruysdael mastic. This is why we work with professional glaziers who have the same excellent reputation for service and quality as we do.


Van Ruysdael advises installation of Van Ruysdael glass according to the guidelines below, and using the materials indicated. Adhesive labels are generally on the outside of the glass, which is the most even side. Always check whether this is the case! Do not use sharp or coarse equipment that may scratch the glass, such as sharp knives, sandpaper, scourer or sand. If the rebate is damaged during removal, repair these damages before the glass is installed. Only clean the Van Ruysdael glass with mild detergents. When using soap water: never add more than 3% PH neutral soap to the water. More soap dissolves the sealant. This could spread on the glass and is then difficult or impossible to remove. Depending on turn and sash direction, fit wooden or plastic (certainly not neoprene) fitting wedges if necessary.

The use of the Van Ruysdael glazing materials is strongly recommended. There are two mastic components:
1. Van Ruysdael Performance is a glass bonding and sealing mastic.
2. Van Ruysdael Detail is a smooth finishing mastic. Van Ruysdael Detail could be replaced by glazing beads.


3. Van Ruysdael Assist is a liquid that used in combination with the wooden spatulas helps to level the mastic and prevents it from sticking to the spatulas / hands.

The mastic strengthens the window frame structure, it remains elastic and the mastic can be finished with all paint types.

Van Ruysdael glass fitted using Van Ruysdael mastic, which represents a combination of our Performance, Detail and Assist products, is the strongest and most sustainable way of installing glass in valuable and classically detailed window frames. The illustration shows you how the mastic is applied in 3 steps.

Installation with mastic finish

Installation with glazing beads

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