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Van Ruysdael brings together longevity, durability, performance and beauty in the clearest glass of 6.5mm.


Unique is our lifetime guarantee on thermal performance. Because all Van Ruysdael products are made to last, all Van Ruysdael products are subject to the legal warranties in force. Assembly instructions for the longest possible lifespan are provided with every delivery. Even after the expiry of the guarantee, Van Ruysdael will remain at your service throughout the lifetime of your glass to carry out any repairs possible.

The lifespan and maintenance of the glass

Sustainable as intended

The word 'sustainable' is rightly but also wrongly used for many products. That is why we prefer to explain what we do. Van Ruysdael glass stands for minimalist use of materials, unprecedented longevity with lasting thermal performance. The low glass thickness of 6.5mm allows existing windows to be retained. That is a big environmental gain, cost saving and it protects valuable architecture. That combination thus provides the positive and necessary CO2 balance. Together with safety, acoustic comfort and less energy for heating makes our clear window glass contribute unmatched to climate goals.

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