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The Max-One  efficiency

A true wave breaker. Van Ruysdael's innovation has given glass with Max-One the ability to distinguish different light waves: the radiation of ultraviolet light (UV), the heat of infrared light (IR) and visible light. A technology akin to the pioneering work of natural scientist Max Planck in the early 20th century. As a result of Max-One, Van Ruysdael glass insulates 50% of convection (conduction) heat (U-value) and reflects 99% of infrared heat exactly where it is needed. Max-One thus goes a step further than window glass with the lowest U-value. Now professionals can handle the most demanding preservation with unprecedented beauty and efficiency.



To understand the reflective ability of glass, it is important to know that energy is emitted in small units (photons). These photons contain energy and are emitted in different quantities (quanta) and different wavelengths (radiation). The Van Ruysdael glass distinguishes between the different wavelengths. The wavelength of UV is kept out by the glass.

Due to the brightness of the Van Ruysdael glass, all visible light is transmitted. And that of infrared heat is kept in by 99%. 

Infrared heat is great for covering long distances and overcoming drafts. Infrared is invisible to humans, but can be felt because the body absorbs 95% of infrared heat. At the speed of light, this creates a pleasant warming effect. 

Unlike other types of insulating glazing: we achieve the desired thermal comfort sooner with a lower interior temperature, saving more energy.

More than just insulation

Max-One gives you the perfect balance of indoor climate. It eliminates disruptive elements in the glass such as gas-filled cavities, strips or dots used to achieve low U-values. This results in significant cost savings and a healthier indoor environment. The biggest advantage is that Max-One directs as much as 99% of infrared heat to where it is needed. This results in significantly lower energy consumption and better thermal comfort, mostly due to a lower thermostat setting. The amount of convection and infrared heat your heater emits depends on the type of heating system you use. The more infrared heat, the more efficiently the heating system works and the more pleasant the thermal comfort in your space becomes. With Max-One, you get the most out of your heating system and optimize your energy consumption.

Panel radiator


Floor heating


Infrared heating


74% yield

92% yield

99% yield


Convection heat


Infrared heat


Original Van Ruysdael glass meets the highest quality standards and transcends the limitations of insulation. Within the evolution of window glass in recent decades, the pursuit of "insulation" has often superseded aesthetic, architectural and natural aspects. Van Ruysdael glass is free of fragile cavities, strips, dots and gases, which not only protects architectural integrity, but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment. This clear, thin glass with a standard thickness of 6.5 mm embodies the essence of aesthetic precision and quality, available in every conceivable form to meet the most demanding designs and architectural visions. Van Ruysdael glass brings clarity to architecture, both in appearance and mission.

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