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Sustainability is an important topic worldwide. It is about future-proof ways of working and living.

The essence

Over the past decades, we have been researching to seamlessly fit a future-proof way of living, working and housing. Van Ruysdael glass is the sublime result of this: endlessly functional, the highest achievable and iconic for our architecture.

Thermal comfort

Van Ruysdael glass offers excellent thermal performance by minimising heat loss and maintaining a consistently comfortable indoor temperature. This reduces the need for excessive use of heating systems, resulting in lower energy costs. Van Ruysdael glass reflects the full heat spectrum at the speed of light to where it is wanted. It delivers undiminished energy savings over its entire lifetime.

Acoustic comfort

The glass has advanced acoustic properties that effectively reduce noise from outside. This allows residents to enjoy a quiet and serene indoor environment, regardless of the hustle and bustle outside. This contributes to better concentration, relaxation and sleep quality. The standard 6.5mm Van Ruysdael glass already provides up to 4dB of acoustic improvement compared to single, vacuum and thin double glazing. The 8.5mm Van Ruysdael glass even up to 9dB.

Energy saving

The heat reflecting ability of Van Ruysdael glass leads to significant energy savings. By reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling, you can enjoy lower energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.


Van Ruysdael glass allows up to 88% natural daylight to pass through. That is 10% more than vacuum glass and 20% more compared to triple glazing.

Good for a healthy indoor climate and more light comfort.

Healthy indoor climate

Van Ruysdael glass ensures balanced indoor humidity. This reduces the risk of mould and unhealthy living conditions. Moreover, the glass reflects infrared heat back inside. This results in a comfortable and natural heat experience.


The glass is designed with safety as one of the highest priorities. This means it meets strict safety standards. It also reduces the risk of injury when glass breaks and provides peace of mind for residents.

Environmental friendly

The use of sustainable materials and production processes makes Van Ruysdael glass an environmentally friendly choice. The long life of the glass helps reduce waste and promote sustainability. Van Ruysdael glass is 100% lead-free, lasts up to 10x longer than double-glazing and is also 100% recyclable.

Preserving cultural heritage

The thin and sophisticated nature of the glass makes it ideally suited to historic and cultural buildings. Using this glass allows architectural elements to be preserved while maintaining modern performance standards.

Easy to install

Van Ruysdael glass can be installed in existing rebates without major modifications. This makes the transition to advanced glass easy and cost-efficient.

Light transmission

The glass lets in natural daylight in an optimal way, which has a positive impact on the living environment. This creates a bright and positive atmosphere indoors, promotes well-being and reduces the need for artificial lighting. Van Ruysdael glass lets in up to 88% natural daylight. That is 10% more than vacuum glass and 20% more compared to triple glazing.

Minimal maintenance requirements

Thanks to the durability of the glass, there are few maintenance requirements, thus reducing the need for repairs. This ensures that future generations will not have to think about replacement either.

Long-lasting Performance

The durable design of the Van Ruysdael glass ensures long-term performance in terms of thermal ratings, sound attenuation and safety. This protects the investment over the years.

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