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Order process

You will receive price and delivery information from Van Ruysdael in a customised quotation. You can then easily convert the desired quotation into an order. This is followed by the delivery of the glass. With your unique order number, you can subsequently request a certificate of authenticity by registering your project. This assures you of its quality and authenticity.


When you request a quote, you will receive price and delivery information within a few days. You can choose from the Van Ruysdael Essential or Premium collection. Van Ruysdael Professional is fully upgradeable for the most demanding applications. 
Requesting a quote requires (global) glass dimensions, the number and any model shapes. You take the glass measurements yourself, or have your glazier do it for you. If you are looking for a glazier in your area, we can advise you.
If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us.


You can also indicate in your quote request that it is an order. If you have already received a quotation that you wish to convert into an order, please return it for approval. 
When placing an order, enter the exact glass sizes and model shapes. Sizes are given in millimetres. The glass size is the tight rebate size, minus the clearance for the glass. Play for the Van Ruysdael glass is generally 3 to 5mm per side, depending on how much space the rebate allows. In other words, the glass size is 6 to 10 mm smaller than the tight rebate size. Glass sizes are always indicated in width x height.

If your order contains model windows, there are several options: 
For the most common shapes, we have a model summary sheet on which the sizes can be filled in. You can enclose this sheet with your order. Glass models are indicated and measured from the outside. You can mail a digital drawing in dxf. or dwg. format for this purpose. You can also send moulds to Van Ruysdael (costs are charged for processing moulds).

Order confirmation

After dispatch, you will receive the order confirmation within a few days. This contains the order details, the price and an indication of the delivery time. Check the order and return the order confirmation by e-mail or post for approval. 
Make the payment as stated on the invoice. When your payment is received, you will receive confirmation of the delivery date.


The glass will be delivered to the delivery address you provide. A few days prior to delivery, you will be notified of which day the glass will be delivered. If you have any special requirements regarding the delivery of your glass, please contact us. 
Please check the delivery within 48 hours. In case of breakage, please email photos of the damage to us. We will take care of a quick re-delivery.
Read Van Ruysdael's full delivery and payment terms and conditions here.


As all Van Ruysdael products are made to last, all Van Ruysdael products are subject to the legal warranties in force. The following are not covered by the guarantee:


  • Damage resulting from tension on the glass, impact, abrasion or incorrect or careless use of the glass.

  • Damage resulting from operations on the glass not carried out by Van Ruysdael.

  • The consequences of normal ageing of the glass or careless assembly or use of unsuitable assembly materials.

Unique is our lifetime guarantee on the Premium glass for thermal performance. Assembly instructions for the longest possible lifetime for the whole are provided with every delivery.

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