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Van Ruysdael glass

Van Ruysdael has worked diligently to facilitate the preservation of cultural heritage through significant contributions for the benefit of people and the environment. One of the tangible results is the unique high-performance glass for the preservation of original windows.


The extraordinary features of Van Ruysdael glass adapt to any size, form and architectural style.

Fully upgradable to meet the highest demands. Van Ruysdael sets the standard in historical glazing for original windows since 1999.

Van Ruysdael Glass preserves cultural heritage and beauty through high-performances and preservation of original windows

Feel the light

Van Ruysdael glass restores the essential energy balance in built heritage. It is fundamentally thinner, stronger, lighter and more beautiful. 


At the speed of light, it reflects warmth directly to where it is desired. Using less material and lasting longer, the result is significantly better. We need less. And better. 


With this prospect, we no longer speak of an ecological footprint, but of space created for what truly matters.  

Van Ruysdael Project, Huis Nolet in Schiedam - The Netherlands, shows the beauty of original windows

Company's history

Founded in 1999, Van Ruysdael has become one of Europe's leading research institutes for the preservation of historic window culture.

Many connoisseurs ask Van Ruysdael to give new life to original windows whose glory has faded. This expertise is sought after by architects, builders and heritage owners.


A milestone was reached in 2002 when Van Ruysdael patented this revolutionary glass. Soon after, our glass appeared in both the parliament buildings of France and the Netherlands.

Since then, Van Ruysdael has become the reference in window restoration and shines in Europe's most beautiful built heritage.

Van Ruysdael's mission is to create an appealing and healthy environment for today's and future generations investing in cultural heritage
Our Mission

Photo Paolo Pellegrin

Our mission

For more than two decades, Van Ruysdael believes that people have a right to a beautiful and healthy living environment. Not only tomorrow, but also in future generations. That means investing in our cultural heritage, the environment and our well-being, because they are invaluable.

Climate, people, heritage and windows are protected by making our innovations work with nature. This sounds logical, but is the necessary essence.

In doing so, we go beyond standard insulation standards. We do this by developing products and transferring knowledge to enable as many people as possible to benefit from a safe, attractive and healthy living environment. 

Beautiful, thin, clear as water and so strong that future generations will not need to think about replacement. This perspective creates space for full balance.

Van Ruysdael glass is the first window glass to be launched as one complete solution since its 2002 patent. All conceivable and necessary performance is standard. The glass is free of cavity and thus reflects the new interpretation of authenticity.

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