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Ambitions and performance

20 Oct 2018

Inspired by your wishes

Éclair is the clearest glass that achieves at an accelerated speed our common climate goals. Now we have the opportunity to act in favour of our planet and therefor each other. Thats why we have improved our already impressive glass even more, a truly unique product.

Michel Trompert, founder

Ambitions and performance

Van Ruysdael's éclair glass combines invisible technology with an excellent living environment.

It is the unique combination that respects the value of our cultural heritage. More does not have to be added.


Van Ruysdael's éclair glass preserves every precious detail and gives the interior the perfect light. Personal wishes such as comfort, safety, acoustic perfection and energy performance have never been so accessible. Éclair protects everything we care about.

Thanks to 'Masterly'

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