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Michel Trompert founder of Van Ruysdael shows different types of glass in our factory.

Think in natural solutions, go for the best, give back

If you have quality of life and climate at heart, know that solid simplicity is often also the most beautiful, achieves more and lasts longer. History has proven this.


Worldwide, we have been developing more and more technical solutions in recent decades. For example, products with excessive insulation numbers to insulate our homes. Although insulating in this is not a goal, does not appear to hit the mark and we as humans are not made to live isolated, this insulation development almost imperceptibly creates other and more problems. We infinitely combat these symptoms with more and more technology with an ever-shorter shelf life.


Since we follow this exhausting path, our culture is becoming impoverished, affecting our health and the climate is getting warmer.


Van Ruysdael founder Michel Trompert started tackling the climate crisis head-on in 1976. For instance, he chose local wood from the sweet chestnut to produce window frames. Wood that lasts up to 10 times longer than the tree's growth period with less maintenance. That instead of massively imported meranti hardwood from the tropical rainforest that lasts much less time and needs more maintenance.

Using the same regenerative principle, he invented the Van Ruysdael glass in 1999. With less material that lasts longer, he managed to achieve the best and all essential performance.

He has since developed his glass into the clearest, safest and thinnest glass for Europe's most beautiful windows that our cultural heritage still possesses. Two sons have since expanded on his tradition and philosophy with Van Ruysdael. This is how we at Van Ruysdael make a healthy living environment accessible to as many people as possible while protecting our valuable cultural heritage. You can opt for that too and together we make the big and necessary difference; Quality for life.

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