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Made by Van Ruysdael. Maintained according to Van Ruysdael.

Half the joy of Van Ruysdael glass is knowing you have a worry-free future.

Van Ruysdael Glass Place Stanislas


When you choose to install your Van Ruysdael glass as described, you choose the expertise of Van Ruysdael's tried-and-tested technique and materials designed specifically for your glass and windows.

The Van Ruysdael assembly technique and materials strengthen and protect the window construction, guarantee the longest possible life span and minimise maintenance.

The strengthening of the window construction is achieved because the strong glass forms a whole with the ultra-adhesive mastic, keeping the windows and doors fitting.

Maximum protection is achieved because the Van Ruysdael glass is flexibly supported in the mastic, allowing the window material to 'work' without damage due to moisture or temperature differences.

Minimum maintenance is achieved through the long-lasting flexible and adhesive mastic, which prevents cracking and waterlogging.

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