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Opéra Nationa de Lorraine

Opéra National de Lorraine

The UNESCO world heritage site with

Van Ruysdael glass.


Van Ruysdael Project Opéra National de Lorraine Nancy
Place Stanislas
Van Ruysdael Project Place Stanislas Nancy

Place Stanislas

UNESCO heritage, 1755 Emmanuel Héré, architect.

Nancy was the temporary residence of Stanislas Leszczynski, a king without a kingdom. Paradoxically it is the oldest and most typical example of a modern capital where the enlightened king wassensitive for the needs of its’ people. The brilliant Emanuel Hére and his team built this savvy project from 1752 until 1756. Place Stanislas is undisputedly a masterpiece of this highly adept genius and one of Van Ruysdael’s five completed UNESCO world heritage sites. Perhaps the one with the best story. So clear and light.


Begijnhof Kortrijk

Begijnhof Kortrijk

In our recent research on former béguinages, we have concluded that their success is based on their integrity. The béguinages preserved a respect for habitat as an essential function. They have retained the characteristic organisation and simple functional architecture that gives them their particular atmosphere of an utopian setting, in which a sense of community and respect for individuality are finely balanced. The complex is preserved with Van Ruysdael glass, ensuring the UNESCO beguine in Kortrijk remains attractive, robust and healthy to inspire another 8 centuries.

Van Ruysdael Project Begijnhof Kortrijk Kortrijk


Ir. D. F. Woudagemaal
Van Ruysdael Project Ir.D.F. Wouda-gemaal Lemmer

Ir.D.F. Wouda-gemaal


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