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The future of our nature and culture in our hands


In an era where isolation was the norm, Michel Trompert dreamed of a world where nature and culture were in complete balance. And, a living environment that is comfortable, healthy and sustainable.

Michel saw what others were missing. Insulating glass does keep heat in, but at the expense of quality heritage and health. It also doesn't last long. That means more production, more waste, health problems and environmental damage. He wondered: why insulate if it misses its' purpose?


His answer: clear window glass, as it has functioned for centuries. No unnecessary cavity, spacers or other vulnerable elements.

Pure, solid glass that reflects heat, saving more energy and preserving natural beauty.

Made of less, but superior material, for the needs of today and tomorrow.

With a patent and the first glass installed in prominent projects such as the Binnenhof's Torentje, Van Ruysdael glass became the new standard of the future.


The many projects that followed were future-proofed. These embody the perfect balance between nature and culture. 

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