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Modern comfort in equilibrium

Van Ruysdael glass offers people modern comfort in equilibrium with our built heritage; with less material, less energy, the longest possible lifespan and the greatest possible comfort. We provide all the pillars of a healthy living environment: light and air quality, acoustic and thermal comfort, with maximum protection against ingress or egress. And all in 6.5mm clear glass. 

Van Ruysdael Traditional
Van Ruysdael glass in a bathroom with window.

Perceived temperature

The main feature of Van Ruysdael glass is that it reflects heat perceptibly back into the building. 

Where we live, however, we also create moisture (including breathing, cooking, showering, washing, drying). That moisture is there, as vapour and is invisible in the house. When this moisture stays in the building -by insulating the house, for example- this vapour negatively affects the perceived temperature, requires more energy to heat and gives unhealthy bacteria and mould a chance to develop.

If you make sure you visualise this invisible moisture in a safe way, you can control it. You then only need to open a window or a door on those few occasions when there is too much moisture. Easy, natural and it saves you a lot of money and energy for buying and maintaining unnaturally expensive ventilation techniques in your home. In this way, Van Ruysdael glass realises a unique interplay between a healthy and pleasant indoor climate with an optimal temperature experience. 

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