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Unexpected things happen to all of us from time to time. A child kicking a ball into the windows or testing out their toys against the glass. Someone trying to break into your house. Fortunately, with Van Ruysdael, living is getting safer and safer. All our 6.5mm glass has a security class P2a as standard. The glass won't break through just like that. A safe idea. To protect museum art or people, Van Ruysdael goes further in protection; from P2a to P6b and from BR1 to SG2.

Safety of Van Ruysdael glass


Van Ruysdael is glass that does not break easily. The glass is about 10 times stronger than single or double glazing. And should the impact on the glass be so great that it does break, the glass shards stay safely together thanks to the special intermediate layer. That is the relaxation of protection.

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